Experience this extraordinary new artistic app that captivates toddlers, mesmerizes grown-ups, trips out teenagers, and makes mathematicians drool.

TeraFractal is like finger-painting for fractals. Depending on where you drag, pinch, and rotate, the image morphs into an infinite variety of self-similar shapes.


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What are fractals?

First, note that TeraFractal was designed to be fun to play with no matter how little or how much you know about fractals. If a 3-year-old can make them, so can you. But fractal math is also very interesting.

Fractals are geometric objects with two important properties. First, they are "self-similar," which means that smaller parts of the fractal look like the larger whole. Second, they have an infinite amount of detail, no matter how far you zoom in. If you were to zoom in on the fractal forever, you would continue to see detailed shapes, each resembling the original whole. When you adjust any component of a fractal, you alter the entire structure at every scale. This is why all of the gestures you perform in TeraFractal affect the whole image, even though you are pushing or pulling or pinching or twisting just one part of the fractal.

Amazingly, every fractal in TeraFractal can be described by just 24 numbers. When you move your fingers on the screen, you are really adjusting these parameters.




Email questions and great fractals to: robin@terafractal.com.



TeraFractal for Mac

An older version of TeraFractal is available for Mac OS X. Get it here.